Statement of Apology: Pawnec Bugs

Statement of Apology: Pawnec Bugs

Statement of Apology: Pawnec Bugs

To our customers and beloved community of fur parents:

We extend to you our utmost and most profound apologies for the bugs and breakdowns you have been experiencing in our system as of late. We truly understand and are sympathetic to any inconvenience you suffered during this time period. Rest assured we are currently mustering all our efforts and allocating all our engineering resources to address all the technical challenges and provide you the best fur-parenting platform that you deserve. More important, just in time before Pet Fair Southeast Asia in October, what you will be experiencing will be the latest cutting-edge version 3.0 of Pawnec, and not just the “repaired version. Your migration to Pawnec 3.0 will be seamless, user-friendly, and productive when it comes to your pet-aligned purposes.

We ourselves are pet parents and it is care for our furry loved ones that we designed this platform. We are aligned with your desire for an online community where your pets can be protected, and where you yourself can network with like minded pet parents. Pawnec 3.0’s features and services will always be at your service. If you have any concerns or issues during this migration, please contact us at


Arrian Lim
Founder & CEO

Statement of Apology from the CEO

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