Fur-focused, tech-driven

with every beat and byte, we care

Born out of love and fashioned into tech, Pawnec stems from our humble beginnings as a pet accessories company. We've spun wearable tokens of love into smart safeguards, all the while maintaining the heart of pet parenting at our core.

Child-like pet care

This child-like pet care makes us pet parents first, and technologists second. Just as daycare centers create safe havens for children to grow and explore, Pawnec aims to offer pet owners the peace of pursuing their own interests while ensuring the well-being of their dogs and cats.

Inclusive technology

But we’re more than just a pet tech brand. Pawnec is a community of pet lovers united in the belief that safety and happiness aren't confines for pets, but worlds to be created for them. Our tech-enabled community makes every corner of the world a friendlier place for pets.

Our Evolution

from crafted collars to coded care

Rescued a Stray Puppy
Our founders’ self-discovery as pet parents.
Founded Pawdel
Started with hand-made pet accessories and formulating pet consumables.
Personalizing Collars and Tags
Tailoring collars and tags to each pet's unique needs sparked our 'Aha!' moment — personalization.
Cross-Border Growth
Our meticulous approach to our craft reached global and humanized quality standards.
Founded Pawnec
Adapting to the digital era, we transformed our ID tags, enabling personalized pet care anywhere, anytime.
Love Drives Innovation
Fueled by affection, we innovate for our fur-friends, turning pet care into a seamless blend of love and tech.
We Value
Community by Pawnec


We believe in the power of collective action and shared responsibility. We’re more than a brand – we're a community of pet lovers who understand modern pet care.

Knowledge by Pawnec


Guided by understanding pets and their parents, we share empowering insights for the best care in our community.

Empowerment by Pawnec


Our tech-enabled pet care makes you feel more confident and secure in both your roles as a pet parent and as a guardian of someone else’s pet in the community.

Trustworthiness by Pawnec


Inspired by pets' unwavering love and loyalty, our trustworthiness anchors in good intentions for their daily lives.


Love drives our innovative journey, transforming pet-human bonds from hand-crafted collars to digitized pet parenting.

Our Recent Milestone

We are proud to announce that Pawnec has been one of the top 100 startups in the prestigious Echelon X Top100 Startups Program in Singapore. This recognition highlights our commitment to innovation in the vet tech industry and our mission to make the world a friendlier place for pets.

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