ID Tags for Dogs and Cats

More Than Just a Name: It's a Digital Pet Diary

We're living in the digital age. Why should our pets be left behind? These aren't just identification tags for dogs and cats; they're a profile, a digital paw print if you will. Allergies, medication, and even the last place your furball was found - it's all there.

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Smart QR Tags: A Digital Lifeline for Your Dogs and Cats

In a world where dogs occasionally wander or cats play hide and seek, our QR code tags unlock our community of Pawnec guardians. While microchips are great, they're not immediate. A quick scan of Pawnec's QR-enabled tag for dogs and cats offers anyone everything they need to know: from your contact info to your pet's favorite treat.

Why Choose Pawnec's Smart QR Tags for Dogs and Cats?

Unleashed Personality

Tags should reflect your dog’s personality while keeping them safe. Our designs strikes that perfect balance.

Universally Accessible

A phone tap away. Get immediate action steps with just a QR code scan. From allergies to medications, and even your pet's last known location, it's all right there.

Marked Locations

Track where your dog's or cat's tag was last scanned, narrowing down their location.

The First Line of Defense

Our smart tag is the first line of defense, offering instant recognition without the need for specialized scanners or professional rescuers.