IndieTag 'Never Alone'

Type: Pet ID Tag

High-Quality IndieTag for Your Pet

In the dynamic world of our furry friends, unexpected adventures happen. Whether it's a chase after a bird or a curious wander, sometimes they might stray a little too far. That's where Pawnec's game-changing smart tag for pets shines.

Never Alone: The Heartfelt Bond Between Pets and Parents

The 'Never Alone' design of the IndieTag is a heartwarming emblem of the constant companionship pets provide. Adorned with affectionate pets and hearts, it signifies that our pets are always with us, in spirit and love.

With NFC technology and the universal smart ID technology of Pawnec for security and a design that embodies adoration, this tag ensures your pet feels forever cherished and never out of reach. Let this pet tag symbolize the unbreakable bond and endless love between you and your pet.


Why Every Pet Deserves the Universally Accessible IndieTag

  • Instant Identification: Microchips have their place, but they're not instant. Pawnec's universal pet ID offers immediate information. With a straightforward scan of the pet tag with a QR code, rescuers access vital details - from owner contact to the pet's preferred treats.

  • Beyond Just a Name: Embrace the digital age with this universal identification tags for pets that's more than just a label. It's essentially a digital journal for your pet, storing critical information like allergies, medications, and even their last known location.

  • Peaceful Assurance: Forget the nerve-wracking waits. With the smart pet tag tracker, pinpoint where your pet's QR was last scanned, aiding the rescue efforts.

  • Universal Pet Tags vs. Microchips: Consider microchips as backup insurance. However, universally accessible ID name tags for pets from Pawnec are the proactive first line of defense. Swift identification, rapid action, no specialized tools required. Anyone can use it, anytime and anywhere.

Discover Pet Care & Safety with a Smart Twist

Among countless pet accessories, the ID tag stands tall in importance. Pawnec evolves this concept, offering unparalleled safety and tech integration. This universal ID turns our unmatched tech-enabled community of Pawnec pet parents into a network of trusted pet guardians. Let's turn the tales of lost pets into a phone tap away from being rescued.

Outsmarting Microchips

And it keeps doing more with free software updates

Happy Trails, Safe Paws

It's a pet-friendlier world with Pawnec tags

Glow in the Dark Icon
Illuminate Their Adventure: Go With The Glow!

As the sun sets, let your pet's collar and tag light up their path. With Pawnec's glow-in-the-dark collars and tags, enjoy a unique blend of radiant style and enhanced safety. Not only do they make your FurKid look cool under the night sky, but they also increase visibility, ensuring they're always in sight. Dive into the future of pet accessories, where glow meets go!

IndieTag 'Infinite Love'